Top Fashion Blogs: The Ones You Should Follow This Year

The internet is absolutely saturated with fashion/lifestyle Instagrammers from around the world, but your latest follow might just be someone in your own backyard. It’s no surprise that our city is brimming with national and international fashion bloggers. To differentiate themselves and their brands, influencers are relaunching their fashion blogs as well-thought-out lifestyle platforms discussing fashion, beauty, and travel as well as matters such as feminism, photography, and self-confidence.

Estée Lalonde

After moving from Canada to London for love, Estée Lalonde quickly became one of the UK’s most renowned lifestyle influencers. The success of her blog resulted in a YouTube channel, a podcasts series called ‘The Heart of It’ and a publication titled ‘Bloom’. Seven years later Estée’s preferred topic still remains beauty, but she has an undeniably good vision for delicate jewelry and knitted jumpers.

Sophie Milner

Becoming a member of her fashion sense and writing skills, freelance journalist Sophie Milner successfully launched ‘Fashion Slave’, a platform that discusses matters such as feminism, beauty, relationships and fashion. In addition to creating content for her blog and YouTube channel, she also co-hosts a podcast series called ‘Keeping It Candid’ while regularly uploading high street branded outfits on Instagram – faux fur, plaid, and retro sunglasses guaranteed.


The queen of overalls is, of course, Danielle from We Wore What. Like she claims on her Instagram; ‘Overalls are my second pores and skin’ and we couldn’t agree more! We love the snuggling sweaters + flat shoe + overall combination.


Hanneli looks simply put beautifully in the overall whether it’s combined with a simple crop top or with a super modern boxy top in a white on white look.


Created by Antonio Centeno, this fashion blog for men is definitely one of the most helpful and informational blogs you will find on the internet.

Totally dedicated to educating men in finding a style that complements their individual personality, it comes with more than 300 youtube videos to assist men in styling themselves up in the best way possible.


Helping the younger men to grow up and develop into better men by introducing amazing fashion suggestions, the Primer Magazine can be perfect for men under 25 years of age or university grads to ready for facing the world in a grown-up style


With regards to finding wallet-friendly styles for men that can change heads, then Dappered is the thing you need. Packed with a great deal of helpful fashion-related content and information, it simply is aimed at helping men to find traditional accessories and clothing online for the least expensive prices. Created by Joe Weber, this website simply claims to answer all the style concerns of men.


This extremely reliable fashion blog handles everything related to men’s fashion that will help you stay look amazing always. Regarded as another one-stop-shop for men, here you can get tips about almost anything, from grooming nice hair to men’s lifestyle, latest fashionable watches for men plus much more.

Caroline Daur, Germany

Caroline started capturing when she was only an adolescent. Since being uncovered, the 22-year-old blogger has protected Vogue Japan, L’officiel Germany, and Grazia Italy. She’s starred in an advertising campaign for Dior, designed her own personal lipstick with Macintosh, and so a lot more. With more than a million supporters on Instagram, she does not produce new fashion motivation.

Camille Charrière, UK

The French blogger may are determined to go to London but she lost none of her French fashion flares. She also offers great eyesight for artwork and fashion picture taking. She’s the Instagram friend you’ve been looking for. Click here for more fashion blogs