Mad About Lashes feat. MadCosmetics


When there’s a fresh beauty brand in the town, I am ready to run away and join up with the mad circus. In this event quite literally – let me introduce you guys to a new brand, which just launched in Dubai couple of weeks back, called Mad Cosmetics. In this place I’m really going to review the brand’s false eyelashes and if you are up for the ride – then buckle up and keep on scrolling!
The brand sells eyelashes, make-up brushes and hair products.

“Mad Cosmetics offers unique cosmetic at reasonable prices to women all over the world. The brand sets itself apart from other brands in the meticulous attention it gives to product details and the high-quality components utilized in the creation procedure”. – MadLashes

You can find just two forms of lashes available: 100% handmade real hair lashes and mink lashes. The latter ones are clearly “thrice” the price for clear reasons. I must say that if you love a good mink lash, Dotty is the lash to go for!

But if you’re like me and prefer to experiment with different styles – then the genuine hair range is the one to play with. These lashes are created in Indonesia(creme de la creme of lash makers)and come in these fun, bright cartons with “angry” names attached to them(adore it!). Not one of them come with a adhesive, but you can find it individually and we will get to that particular later in this post.


The initial lash pair I would like to speak about is calledLoco. It must be one of the very wearable designs in the range; if you ever crave that flirty, cat eye lash – this is actually the pair to go for. Seems fairly in real life, while giving your eye that enchanting feline oomph. In the event you are a falsies-beginner then definitely check out Loco.

The 2nd style (which is my personal favourite) is called Loony and it has instantly become my go-to falsies pair for celebrations, events and makeup photography. It’s also a great dupe for MAC’s 35 Lash; the colour is a bit different with Mad Cosmetics one being totally black, but quality-wise – these are extremely similar.

Unlike Loco, this pair has more of a round shape and has its longest hairs right in the centre, which will transform your eye shape into a wide open, doll-like perfection.

Lash Glue
As for the lash adhesive, that includes a miniature brush applicator and comes in dark colour only, I have to say I’m somewhat on the fence with it. I really like the packaging, mini brush applicator and also the darkness of the specific adhesive(it places black, a colour which blends perfectly along with your natural lashes as well as conceals the lash-group better).But that’s where it ends. This paste additionally lists “perfume” as one of its own ingredients, which I personally can’t sense. If you ask me this glue smells like a toned down version ofDuo,knowing what I mean. The scent does not irritate my eyes and it will disappear as soon as the adhesive sets.

I think Mad Cosmetics did an excellent job with their lashes: they’re simple to apply, wear plus they look excellent. I believe the price range is great as well; so, if you’re based in the Canada, I tremendously recommend them.

On a side note, a couple of my girlfriends have just completed their certification to become eyelash extension technicians and love their work so far! I’m seriously considering becoming certified myself and am going to check out the training offered at Foxy Face, as they offer the top rated and preferred training in North America, via Lash Forever Canada. I’ll keep you guys posted on that!