Kandibeadz: The Kandi Flash You Crave By Tavia Gilliam


The Kandi Beadz® brand has been picking up momentum since last summer. They’ve already been promoted at Ultra Music Festival and were a huge hit with the crowd. If you haven’t heard about them yet, they are an array of whimsical, light-emitting bracelets that embrace the PLUR concept and act as keepsakes which hold all your happy memories shared during time spent with friends.

Within the festival culture, friendship bracelets are very literal to young people; they represent a feeling of true connection. Party goers are always very excited to wear pony beaded tokens of peace and friendship at festivals after receiving them from someone they’ve experienced a bond with.

Besides bringing people together, Kandi Beadz® bracelets hold another very special purpose – a percentage of the profit goes to the charity Happy Hippies which helps homeless youth find their way off the streets. This nonprofit organization was founded by the famous actress and singer Miley Cyrus.

The combination of stunning beads, radiant L.E.D. glow, and timeless design will give your style the edge it needs to stand out at your next festival. Sport a selection of a cute kandi design on the clasp of your bracelet. These pieces really are a step beyond the popular and tradable pony bracelets found at various festivals and parties around the world. The uniquely crafted bracelets come with L.E.D. super bright bulbs that run through a stretchy cord for up to 7 hours. Adding to the excitement, these bracelets are made with neon alphabet block letters PLUR, which stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect to promote this well known ravers manifesto (however, you can customize the bracelet as per your choice).

  • PEACE: You must remember to live in peace with every person on this planet and to let go fears.
  • LOVE: You must learn to love yourself, to bring positivity into your life. You will be able to love others unconditionally and selflessly.
  • UNITY: A special conversation piece helps the barriers to communication disappear, an everlasting and mutual bond is formed.
  • RESPECT: Respect is the major element in any relationship. From peace, love and unity experienced, one can accept others regardless of their background and beliefs.

The multi-textured bracelets emit shine and color that go perfectly with any look. When it’s time to strike a pose, the glowing highlights will also look splendid in pictures. Grace your wrists with these blinking, colorful, and playful accessories, as well as support a great cause!

Tips on how to use Kandi Beadz®:

  • With a one size fits all approach, slide the bracelet on, or use the pull-open strap to easily get it on you or your friend’s wrist and adjust the tightness for comfort.
  • Simply twist the knob for activating two small replaceable coin batteries and the bracelet will blink for hours. Be sure to turn them off while not in use to save the battery.
  • Create a unique light show effect in the black light, while clapping your hands in the air at your next night time occasion including festivals, carnivals, and concerts.
  • Wear them during your workouts, or at sporting events, to keep yourself safe from cars while jogging or walking in the dark at night.

An upcoming collection of Kandi Beadz® will feature a line of glowing L.E.D. Kandi ‘Surgical Masks’. Realizing that people do experiment with substances, Kandi Beadz® strongly emphasizes that it’s better to gain a natural high by substituting drugs with focusing on one’s own self, enjoying the music, doing a little retail therapy, and overall actively living a healthier lifestyle. Rise up to an occasion by making the right choice every time.

About The Designer:

Victoria is an entrepreneur living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated with a degree in Communications and studied jewelry design. Victoria worked as a visual designer assistant for such big high-fashion houses, as the flagship Emporio Armani’s accessories department, and J. Crew. She was a temp at the Dolce & Gabbana’s head office/showroom and even held a position at the Hetrick-Martin Institute (a school that provides education and counseling to at-risk youth). At her recent job at Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design consultancy, Victoria was inspired by today’s most creative minds. Recently, Victoria ventured out on her own. She trademarked the name Kandi Beadz® and successfully filed it as an LLC. Next, she created a shop on the widely popular peer-to-peer/e-commerce website Etsy which focuses on handmade and unique items. Within a year the bracelets found its audience and from there the orders started rolling in.

Victoria’s son Daniel is currently a student in high school. In his spare time he is a volunteer docent at the Botanical Gardens and his favorite youtube music channel is Mr. Sheep. He helps to research trends for Kandi Beadz®, generate ideas and brainstorms new color combinations.

Click here to purchase your Kandi Beadz® for your next event or go to www.kandibeadz.com.