Differio Releases New Utility Kilts And Men Can’t Wait

Lately, men seem to be more excited for St. Patrick’s Day, but why? It’s not for the shamrocks, leprechauns or even discounted beer on tap. It’s because Differio just dropped new utility kilts for men, and they’re everything you’d want from a “man skirt”.

It actually doesn’t even need to be a holiday to wear a kilt anymore. Thanks to fast fashion retailers, like Differio.com, utility kilts are gradually moving from the runway into men’s streetwear stores. This means you don’t have to be a fashion editor for Vogue to pull one off (also because luxury clothing is that much more expensive). Now all guys can wear mens kilts for whatever reason, whether it’s date night, work, or you really just feel like wearing one.

These new utility kilts for sale on Differio are even trendier than what you’d find at other kilt retailers. First of all, Differio is not your run-of-the-mill e-tailer selling mainstream mens clothing online.

Online only, Differio is known for their men’s trendy clothing that’s stylish, but also breaks all the rules in menswear. Or more accurately, they really don’t conform to any rules. It might sound contradictory, but you’ll totally get it once you browse their website. Simply put, their fashion clothes for men are more fashion forward than what’s currently available in department stores. It’s a wide assortment of sexy, trendy and urban clothing for men catered for all occasions.

With that said, they’re actually one of the first mens streetwear stores to venture into making their USA kilts more affordable and easily available for any guy to buy. From the denim utility kilt to plaid modern kilt, their styles are definitely revived so you can wear them with kicks and tees. They even have towel kilts, but those are meant for the gym only…

Their next collection of mens kilts is anticipated to have that couture look without the couture price tag. You can anticipate some faux leather pieces that are even longer than the conventional mid-length styles. All kilts for sale are designed by some of their independent brands exclusive to their site.

On top of being stylish, utility kilts for men in general are designed with more practical features in comparison to the traditional Scottish kilt. They usually include large cargo pockets for keys and wallets, and snap-buttons and buckle for easy wear. Now you can literally throw it on and go.

Don’t knock the trend until you try it. Let loose a little. Ditch those pants. Just don’t call it a skirt for men.