Custom Pen – The Pen is STILL the Best Tangible Marketing Product

The basic goal of this type of marketing is to get the pen into the hands of potential customers. There are many ways to you try to do this. Best of all, some of these methods will easily fit into your existing marketing strategy.

Since pens are physical objects, the best way to hand them out is in a physical location. This makes promotional pens great for brick and mortar stores. In case your business uses salespeople to meet and convert new customers, they can also give away these pens. Promotional giveaways are an average way to use custom pens. These sorts of giveaways offer a motivation for clients to take part. Whether it’s registering, buying something, or simply getting information, clients will have significantly more motivation to do something.

The main element is to make promotional pens subtlely obvious. You mustn’t try to power the pens on people since this tends to fail. Instead, keep carefully the pens in a general public space where people will probably see them. Tables, counters, and other areas are great locations to keep pens. You can even include the pens in your social media attempts. These pens work great in digital offers and giveaways. Offer these to people who subscribe, like, tweet, or elsewhere take part in your cultural activities. The only problem may be getting an address to send the pen.

Finally, if you have a content online marketing strategy, are the pens here as well. Many businesses use weblogs and social press to tell the storyplot of their day to day activities. Capturing or talking about the pens can add spice to content without having to be too obvious.


Custom pens don’t leave a great deal of options for elegant graphic designs. It doesn’t mean you have to stay for a simple design, however. A promotional pen range from different colors, fonts, and visuals if the look is good. Since promotional pens tend to be more affordable, you usually have more options available. Whether you design the pen yourself or hire a graphic artist, the design goal is the same. Custom pens should be consistent with your marketing material and be attractive. If the design isn’t good, the important information on the pen might not be obvious.

Try to keep the design simple and clutter free. It’s easy to try to add too many things to a pen. When space is limited, try to avoid cramming text and images together. There should be enough space between each element so people don’t struggle to read the pen’s text. A good print shop will be able to guide you through this design process.


Keep in mind the purpose of any promotional product. Marketing materials should inform, persuade, and remind potential customers of your business. To do this, some basic information will be necessary. Unfortunately, pens limit the amount of text you can comfortably include. Since space is at a premium, you should focus on the basics: name, logo, and other relevant information. This information will be short and sweet, but still effective.

The benefit of limited space is simplicity. A simple, persuasive message can be just as effective as long marketing copy. Sometimes, the business’s name or logo will do to get the job done. If space allows, you might also think about additional information to include. Many custom pens will include physical address info or important names. A business’s tagline can also make for a good addition.

If you are ever confused about what to include, review your marketing strategy. Each marketing channel should include the same basic set of important information. Include whatever information you communicate through your other marketing channels.