5 Ways to Make Leather Shoes Last Longer


Leather shoes remain to be the most important type of men’s shoes in the market. They are not just fashion pieces; they are staples that make any man look decent and dapper without pulling too much effort. These shoes are also a requisite in almost any type of male style-from formal and corporate getups to casual and leisurely outfits. If you don’t have a pair of leather shoes, then you should definitely invest on them at the soonest possible time.

But while a lot of buzz has been made about shopping for the right leather shoes for men, not much talk about how to take care of them. Leather may be known to be highly durable, but it is also at risk to wear and tear.

So yes, how do you ensure that your leather shoes will last for a long time? Here are 5 ways:

  1. Protect the soles immediately.

The soles are usually among the first parts of the shoes that fall victim to wear and tear, so you have to protect them immediately. When you have a new pair of leather shoes, it is a must that you install sole protectors before using them. This way, the protectors would be the first to experience wear and tear, and not the actual sole.

By installing sole protectors, you are able to save significant amount of money for shoe repair, not to mention the fact that your shoes get to stay looking as good as new.

  1. Spray the shoes with water repellent.

Leather may be durable, but it easily falls prey to water and moist. Once it wrinkles, it may start to break apart and the shoes will never be the same again. Hence, to prevent this from happening, you may want to spray water repellent on the leather areas of the shoes.

Leather Shoes

By using water repellent, the leather is protected from incurring cracks due to exposure to water and moist. It also becomes more capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, such as rain and cold weather.

  1. Shine them regularly.

Another way to keep leather shoes for men looking dapper is by shining them. You may either send the shoes for professional grooming, or shine them on your own using shining fluid or wax. Shining not only makes the shoes look clean and new; it also helps protect the shoes from wear and tear due to their water repellent material.

Shining wax and fluid are available in local groceries, so you can easily shop for them in case you want to do the task on your own. You may also have to shine your shoes at least once a week, even if you are not using them regularly, in order to maintain their good looks.

  1. Stuff them with newspaper or shoe horns.

This tip often applies for shoe storage. Leather shoes have the tendency to crinkle over time, and because of this they lose their shape. Thus they need some sort of support in order to retain their structure for a longer period of time.

If you have low-cut leather shoes, such as Oxfords, then you may stuff the interiors with newspaper so that it will retain its shape while in storage. The newspaper fillings keep the structure of the shoes intact while not being used. Of course, you can remove the newspaper once you are going to wear the shoes.

Meanwhile, if you have hi-cut leather shoes (or boots), then it would be better to use shoe horns instead. Shoe horns are more solid and are better for softer leather materials, as they provide stringent support to keep the shoes in shape.