360 Lace Frontal Wigs – Choose the right wig for you

If you’re thinking about wearing lace wigs but are not sure how and where to start, this post aims to give useful tips on how you can wear lace wigs easily and safely.

Lace frontal – Choose a method of wig attachment that’s right for you.

One of the better ways to accomplish a secured your hands on a wig connection is by using specialized adhesives like a glue or a tape. Simply connect the lace wig piece to your skin layer right below your hairline. Be sure you keep this area clean, hairless, and oil-free to be able to accomplish a good keep. You can even use hair videos to help clip the locks through to the wig to be able to avoid it from getting trapped to the adhesive as you put the wig on your mind.

If you intend to wear your wig only on certain occasions and remove it each night prior to going to bed, you might consider utilizing glue-less way for attaching your wig. About the most ways to accomplish a non-adhesive-based connection is by using wig clips that are usually sewn in along the liner of the wig. There’s also go for devices that use a mixture of wig videos and adhesives.

Apart from wig clips, different ways to add a wig is by using adjustable straps and by sewing the wig down with hair. These straps are usually positioned around the trunk of the wig which you can simply reach and modify. Also, a sewn in the wig is also one method that you can opt for the long lasting result.

Test your skin first for possible allergic reactions.

If you’re using a glue or adhesive to attach your wig, remember to test your skin first to find out if this method will incur an allergic reaction in your skin. You can apply a small amount of the glue to your forearm and then keep it covered for at least three days. After this period, check if the area is red and raised. When there’s no sign of redness or allergic reaction, then you can continue using the glue for your wig. However, you should remember that allergy can also be developed overtime even though the initial test has indicated a negative result.

Give your wig and your scalp a rest.

Loving your wig too much can make you want to wear it for an extended period of time that can last for several weeks. If you’re using an adhesive, check whether it is designed for a short-term or a week-long use. Never use a short-term type of adhesive if you intend to wear your wig for a longer time period. After a maximum of six weeks, remember to remove the wig then give your hair tender loving care by cleaning it completely and applying the deep conditioner.

Observe proper routine maintenance and care of your lace wig.

There are many mainstream products at the supermarket which are located to be not ideal for lace wig care. Usually, the products contain an advanced of chemical substance and alcoholic beverages content which may damage the wig. High chemical substance content produces a higher alkaline pH which is at fault for tangled locks. Likewise, alcoholic beverages can cause severe locks dryness which will make nice hair look boring and lifeless. Choose botanical locks products that are pH well balanced in order to attain optimum balance in nice hair for a controllable look. For optimal feel and styling, choose something that comes with an optimal pH selection of four to six 6 to help make the locks cuticles lay down leading to simple and manageable locks.